Why Work with Us?

We complete the most extensive background checks in the industry, including references, fine defaults, driving license history, various registers, judgments, DBS, home country records and more. Our experience of interviewing hundreds of candidates provides us with an edge to read people better than anyone else.

We offer all our customers a one-year agency guarantee. This means that for every placement we make, we will offer a free replacement within one full calendar year. This also means we will not just push you to hire irrelevant candidates, but we actually stand by the candidates we recommend. By working with us, you will benefit from the most extensive candidate vetting in the industry!

You will only get charged in the case of a successful placement – and nothing is paid in advance!

Most of the agencies just post an ad and they’re done. If they get applicants, great, otherwise tough luck. However, we’re actively approaching and contacting potential candidates in various groups, websites, boards and through word of mouth. We also laser target ads on social networks. We never had an unfilled position, so far.

Since we work with high-profile customers, all our clients benefit from legally binding confidentiality. The candidates will sign an NDA and will not know the name of our client until you select them for the interview.

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Irene Motocu HazeltonClive Founder

Our team is composed of people that understand and care about the socio-human relationships and who are experts in matching both sides, with a long-term vision.