We complete the most extensive background checks in the industry, including references, fine defaults, driving licence history, various registers, judgments, DBS, home country records and more. Our experience of interviewing hundreds of candidates provides us with an edge to read people better than anyone else.

We offer all our customers a one-year agency guarantee. This means that for every placement we make, we will offer a free replacement within one full calendar year. This also means we will not just push you to hire irrelevant candidates, but we actually stand by the candidates we recommend. By working with us, you will benefit from the most extensive candidate vetting in the industry!

You are granted access to a globally varied and trained workforce. We have the ability to reach exotic channels and keep in touch with various candidates outside of the mainstream recruiting directories and websites. This allows you to fill positions that contain rare and hard to fill requirements.

You will only get charged in the case of a successful placement – and nothing is paid in advance!

Since we work with high-profile customers, all our clients benefit from legally binding confidentiality. The candidates will sign an NDA and will not know the name of our client until you select them for the interview.

Most of the agencies just post an ad and they’re done. If they get applicants, great, otherwise tough luck. However, we’re actively approaching and contacting potential candidates in various groups, websites, boards and through word of mouth. We also laser target ads on social networks. We have never had an unfilled position, so far.

Unlike other agencies, we physically meet with at least ten different candidates for every position you need to fill. If it’s not someone we’d hire for our own family and children, we will not recommend that candidate to you.

We know that time is money and we got you covered even in urgent situations!

You will be heard and understood. We visit our customers to make sure we understand their requirements and current situation, in order to provide the best possible fit.

We can provide you a variety of multi-lingual candidates from every corner of the globe, with the right to work in the UK: Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland), Eastern Europe ( Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Moldova, Russian Federation, Belarus and Ukraine), Asia (China, India, Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia etc), South America (Brazil), Europe (Portugal, Spain, France), Australia, and Arabic countries (Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, etc).

We save you time and we always provide you with the best and most relevant candidates. We will not just send you the top 20 available candidates and let you choose from the list.

All the profiles you receive contain every relevant detail, including background checks, reference feedbacks and our in-depth ‘strong and weak points’ analysis.

All our customers receive a dedicated recruitment manager that will follow your needs, preferences, concerns and ideas diligently from the first meeting until after the placement.

You get assistance and flexible contracts including long-term/permanent/full-time placements, seasonal, short-term, live-in, live-out, yacht, aviation seasonal ski, seasonal summer etc. Everything is covered with us by your side!

Your staff receives top-class support regarding visas, work permits, and we even help overseas staff members settle into their new land.

We can recommend various courses for your staff, consulting on how to interview, motivate and retain staff and other bespoke support services.

We’re part of the British Institute of Recruiters. Choose fully certified recruiters always following industry standards.