At HazeltonClive, we complete the most thorough background checks in the domestic industry. Our exhaustive checks include references, defaults on fines, driving licence history, multiple national registers, court judgments, DBS checks, records from the candidate’s home country and more.
Our many, many years of experience interviewing potential recruits gives us an edge that makes it possible for us to read candidates better than anyone else.

We provide all our customers with a one-year replacement guarantee, depending on the plan that they choose. That means we will provide at last three relevant profiles within one calendar year if you are not fully satisfied with the member of staff once in role.

We will never recommend candidates to you who are a poor match for what you need. Our bespoke matching service and rigorous vetting procedures provide you with access to the best recruitment process in the industry to guarantee you obtain the most superior hospitality and domestic staff available.

We can provide you with access to an internationally diverse and highly trained workforce from across the UK and the world.
We can utilise unique resources from all over the globe and are in touch with candidates you won’t be able to find through mainstream agencies, websites and directories. As a result, we are highly experienced in filling unique, more unusual and hard to fill positions.

We won’t ask you to pay anything in advance. We will only charge you if a placement is successful and only after the candidate has started the work.

We work extensively with high profile customers so you can rest assured that you will receive complete discretion from every member of staff.

All our staff are subject to legally binding confidentiality agreements. Before any potential positions are discussed with candidates, we ask every candidate to sign an NDA. We also withhold the name of the client until you select the member of staff for the interview.

When recruiting staff, other recruitment agencies simply post an ad. We don’t.

At HazeltonClive, we don’t sit and wait for talent to find us. Instead, we actively search for the best household & childcare staff through a range of sources as well as word of mouth or external help.

We use job boards, official recruitment websites, targeted ads on social media and more to guarantee we only recruit the most talented staff to work for us. As a result, we’ve never had a role we can’t fill to date.

Unlike other household & childcare recruitment agencies, we interview at least ten different candidates for every position you need to fill. If we wouldn’t hire someone for our own family and children, you can rest assured that we will not recommend that candidate to you.

We know that time is money and you need your positions filled quickly so you’ll receive your first profiles for review within just a few days. No matter how urgently you need a role filled, we can help.

We provide a truly bespoke recruitment service where you can be sure your needs will be fully heard and clearly understood. We listen to our clients carefully to ensure we properly understand their requirements and current situation so we can make sure we provide staff who are the perfect fit for them.

We can provide you with access to a superior collection of multilingual candidates from every corner of the globe who have the right to work in the UK.

Our staff come from all over the world including:

  • Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales, North Ireland)
  • Europe (Portugal, Spain, France etc.)
  • Eastern Europe (Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Moldova and Ukraine)
  • Asia (the Philippines, Malaysia, China, India, Japan, etc.)
  • South America, including Brazil
  • Australasia (Australia, New Zealand etc.)
  • The Middle East & Africa (Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco etc).

Our goal is to make recruitment easy and hassle-free for you. We save you huge amounts of time by only sending you the best, most relevant candidate profiles for review.

We would never dream of sending you a general selection of our top 20 available candidates. We provide you with a tailored, small selection of the most suitable candidates who all match your specific needs.

All the profiles we send you contain every piece of relevant detail you need, including the results from background checks, feedback from references and our in-depth analysis of each candidates’ strengths and weaknesses so you can make a fully informed decision.

When you become our client, you receive a dedicated recruitment manager who is always ready to attend to your needs and ensure your preferences, concerns and ideas are heard and upheld.

Your recruitment consultant will work diligently for you from your first meeting all the way through until well after your new recruit is in place and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

When you become a client, you can look forward to long term assistance and access to flexible contracts for the many types of positions that may arise throughout the year including long-term/ permanent/ full-time placements, live-in or live-out positions and more. Whatever you need throughout the year, we are here ready and waiting to help.

We continue to provide high-quality support for staff once in the role.

We can continue to provide tailored training, consultancy and other support services once staff are in role. We can recommend various courses for your staff to attend, provide consultancy about how to conduct an interview, motivate staff, retain staff long term and a wide range of other topics as well as bespoke services.

When you join our recruitment agency, you’re employing the services of one of the best domestic recruitment agencies for high-end clients in the industry.

We’re fully certified and part of the British Institute of Recruiters so you can be sure we uphold every industry-standard to the highest level.

We know that the more people you try, the higher the success rate. That’s why we will only charge you when you hire someone, not also when you trial candidates.