Frequently Asked Questions

HazeltonClive is specialised in recruiting and placing childcare and household staff, yacht and private planes crew, family office staff, personal assistants, security staff, chauffeurs and hospitality staff.

  • First Step: Customer At-Home Interview and Consultation
  • Second Step: Candidate Sourcing & Interview
  • Third Step: Covert & Overt Verifications; Pledge of Discretion
  • Fourth Step: Employer Interviews
  • Fifth Step: Working Interview / In-Home Trial Period & Hire
  • Sixth Step: Post-Hire Feedback and Consulting
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We follow industry standards of DBS and background checks, but we don’t stop there.
This is a major unique selling point for HazeltonClive.
For all the candidates we run extensive background checks, including in their home country.
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You have three plans to choose from:

Premium Plan: 15.8% of the yearly gross salary / 12 months free replacement guarantee / Staff get COVID-19 tested before working with you / No registration fee (Success fee, only) / Extended International DBS checks provided / The minimum fee that we charge is £1,690

Standard Plan: 13.8% of the yearly gross salary / 6 months free replacement guarantee / No registration fee (Success fee, only) / Extended International DBS checks provided / You grant us exclusivity / The minimum fee that we charge is £1,490

Basic Plan: 12.8% of the yearly gross salary / No free replacement guarantee / No registration fee (Success fee, only) / Standard UK DBS Checks / You grant us exclusivity / The minimum fee that we charge is £990

All prices include taxes and fees and we do not charge VAT (this means that you get to save 20% from the recruitment fee).

It depends on how strict you are with the requirements and how fast you can interview the candidates.
For the easiest to fill in roles, you can expect matching candidates within a couple of days.

This rarely happens but in any case, we offer a 12-month satisfaction guarantee.
We will replace the member staff for free, within 12 months.

1. You get safety, security and peace of mind
2. We save you time filtering through applications
3. You receive the first profiles in just days
4. You get a reliable, success fee only, partner
5. You get a truly bespoke service
6. We save you time and only provide relevant candidates
7. You get full disclosure
8. You get one full year of peace of mind
9. You receive unrivalled dedicated attention and we are available 24/7
10. You are guaranteed complete discretion
11. You get access to a global workforce
12. You get legal assistance and flexible contracts
13. Your staff receives top-class support
14. You get value-added services, consulting and training
15. You get access to exotic, complex and hard to fill requirements
16. We’re actively seeking candidates, not just passively
17. You get to work with the best in the industry
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1. Because you don’t have access to all the hiring sources, groups and a constant flow of applicants
2. Because you don’t remain anonymous
3. Because you don’t look professional
4. Because we follow several background checks, including in the candidate’s home country
5. Because we know exactly where to search, where and how
6. Because we save you a major amount of time – for every placement, we physically meet with 10 candidates
7. Because you don’t know all the laws and regulations of the industry
8. Because you lack the training and experience needed to hire and recruit people
9. Because we meet with candidates outside of business hours and during weekends
10. Because the costs of a bad hire in terms of time and money are several times higher than the fees of our agency.

Yes, we can fill exotic positions and hire staff from outside of the UK.

We usually work for UK based clients but we also provide consultancy for overseas families, upon request.

Yes, please contact us with your requirements.

At this time, we do not provide temporary workers. But we can provide payroll services or source a self-employed worker.

With the help of our partners, Stafftax, we provide very cost-effective payroll services.