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Working With Us - Process Explained

One of the most important steps of the entire process is understanding the requirements of the employer and a review of the environment where the staff member is required to work. This is also where we go the extra mile compared to other agencies: a truly bespoke service with a 12-month placement guarantee.

During our initial conversation, the dedicated consultant that is assigned to your family will take the time to understand your requirements, values, previous experience, expectations and lifestyle. This key step enables us to generate an ideal candidate profile specifically for you.

You get access to a globally varied and trained workforce. We have the ability to tap into exclusive recruitment channels and keep in touch with various candidates that are not found on mainstream recruitment websites or directories. This allows you to fill positions with unique professionals that can match even the toughest requirements.

Hazelton Clive follows a three-step interview process to make sure that all the critical requirements are met: over the phone, in person and reference checks. This means that, on average, only one in ten interviewed candidates will get hired. Even if it sounds unfortunate for the candidates, it saves everyone’s time and delivers high value to our customers. Our clients come first and we make sure they receive exactly what they want, without any hassle, accompanied by our renowned 12-month guaranteed!

Since our aim is to save you time and resources, we’re not going to overwhelm you or bombard you with endless profiles. Instead, we will provide you with the most relevant and best matching top two candidates. Even though we’re confident you’ll hire one of the first two candidates you’ll receive, we won’t end our detailed search until you find the best match for your family. Employer’s feedback is relevant so we can locate the best matches for your family. The employer also has the opportunity to hold a candid conversation regarding expectations, rules, values and the definition of success in the role.

If you agree to hire the candidate, you negotiate the salary package and draft a job offer agreement that includes the unique employee benefits, working schedule, expectations, pay rate, completion of any certificates, trainings or other requirements.

You may want to offer the candidate a supervised trial period during which both parties can get a feel for each other, and observe how they connect and work with all the existing house members.

You get complete peace of mind and total discretion.

Before the candidate will actually start the work, we run three different background checks from three different parties that specialise in background checks. We follow the British Standard 7858 and go even further so you’ll receive clean history reports. Our background checks will cover the UK and home country DBS checks, fines, judgments, tribunal awards, fines, convictions, driving records, sex offenders’ registries, barred lists, credit report & bankruptcies. We’re also requesting three to six employment history references, home visits and a public digital footprint.

All candidates will sign a non-disclosure agreement and will not know the name of the employer until you invite them for the interview.

Hazelton Clive provides a 12-month free replacement guarantee. Various support and consulting services are provided, including informing you about your legal responsibilities as an employer on issues like taxes and payroll. If any advice, communication or mediation is required, we would be happy to provide this for you as well during this stage. It’s important to keep in touch, hear your feedback and provide further support to make sure that 100% satisfaction guarantee is achieved.

Safety & Peace of Mind

We completely understand the requirements of any family that is looking to employ housekeepers or any kind of house staff. The values of the house or family (hygiene, cleanliness, health, tradition, quality, safety, obedience, loyalty, prestige) have to be looked after and one can never be too safe or take too many precautions.

If we would not hire candidates in our own homes for our own family and children, we will not consider them for your family.

  • Curriculum Vitae/Resume
  • A recent photo
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of address
  • Up-to-date driving licence (if applicable)
  • Pilot or skipper licence (if applicable)
  • For chefs: portfolio with at least six photos of their starters, main courses and desserts
  • Work permit for overseas citizens
  • Confidentiality/NDA or pledge of discretion signed by the candidate(s)
  • Signed agreement for background checks
  • Hold clean criminal records in both their country of employment and country of origin (Criminal record checks below)
  • Submit all certificates, diplomas and qualifications from training centres and/or schools they attended
  • Successfully pass Hazelton Clive in-person interviews
  • Confirm several reference checks from previous employers (phone call/letter);
  • Hazelton Clive strong and weak point analysis

Covert checks that go beyond the British Standard 7858 requirements:

  • Credit Report & Bankruptcies
  • ID Validation
  • Right to Work
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Court searches: High Court Judgments, Tribunal Awards, Administration Orders, Fine Defaults and Child Support Agency Liability Orders
  • Enhanced DBS (for nanny roles, relevant to the positions checks: Criminal convictions, Children’s Barred List, Adults’s barred list, List 99 – Section 142 Education Act 2002, Other info)
  • International DBS (from citizenship country, provided the candidate arrived in the UK in the past 4 years)
  • Criminal, felonies and misdemeanours record searches
  • UK Driving records (for chauffeur roles)

In cases of a caretaker couple or domestic couple positions, these documents and checks are required from both candidates.

All these checks are included in Hazelton Clive’s success fee only policy.