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Working With Us - Process Explained

We begin with one of the most important parts of the process which is to understand what each employer needs. During the interview, we also review the environment where the member of staff will be working – an extra measure that places us head and shoulders above other domestic agencies.

During our initial conversation, the consultant assigned to your family will take their time to ensure they fully understand your requirements for the placement, covering everything from the values you’re looking for to previous experience required, your expectations for the role and the type of lifestyle they will need to fit into.

By the end of this important step, we will have a clear picture of the candidate you are looking for so we can find the perfect match for you.

We provide you with access to superior domestic staff who are internationally diverse and highly trained.

Our workforce is comprised of the type of elite domestic staff you can’t find through mainstream recruitment companies or directories meaning we can offer you expert, professional staff who meet even the most stringent requirements.

Here at HazeltonClive, we implement a 3-step process to ensure all your crucial requirements for the role are met, involving an interview over the phone, an interview in person and robust reference checks.

As a result, usually, only one in ten candidates we interview will qualify to join our workforce. It may sound unfortunate for the candidates yet it saves everyone’s time in the long run whilst ensuring our clients only receive the most highly valued staff.

Our clients’ needs come first and we are here to ensure they receive exactly what they want, free from any hassle.

Our goal is to save you time and resources so we’re not going to bombard you with lots of staff profiles. Instead, we will provide you with the most relevant candidates who match your needs.

Whilst we’re confident you’ll hire one of the first two candidates we send to you, our detailed staff search won’t stop until you find the perfect match for your family.

To assess the suitability of each candidate, you will have the opportunity to hold a candid conversation with both candidates where you can discuss your expectations for the position as well as your rules for staff, values and what you expect for the candidate to work successfully in the role.

Your feedback is extremely important at this stage so we can ensure we provide the best matches for your family.

After the interview, you may want to offer the candidate a supervised trial day. This can be an excellent way for both parties to get a feel for each other.

All candidates must sign a non-disclosure agreement when they join our agency and are not told the name of any potential employer until they are invited for a trial.

You can see how well the member of staff connects with you and other members of the house as well as how they work. Unlike other agencies, we do not charge our clients for the trial period.

If you decide to hire the candidate we will carry out extensive background checks before they are able to commence the role.

Our background checks provide the peace of mind you need to guarantee you’ve hired the right person for the position. All checks are executed with full discretion, to ensure your new employee has a completely clean history.

Our robust vetting procedures cover everything from DBS checks in the UK and the candidate’s home country to past fines, court judgements, tribunal settlements, fines, criminal convictions, driving history, registers for sex offenders, barred lists, credit history and any bankruptcies.

We will also ask the candidate to supply up to five professional references (some of these may include character references if the candidate has had less than five employers).

HazeltonClive provides an up to 12-month free replacement guarantee (depending on the plan you choose) which means that if you change your mind during the first 12 months of hire we will send a new replacement at no extra cost with no questions asked.

We also deliver numerous support and consultancy services to ensure everything is running smoothly. From your duties as an employer to administer things like tax and payroll to wider support with issues such as communication or even mediation, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Keep in touch with us. It’s really important that you give us your feedback and where necessary we can provide any further support you require to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your new recruit.

Safety and Peace of Mind

We understand how important your safety and peace of mind are when employing a new member of staff for your home.

The values of the house and family must be upheld for everything from hygiene to health, family traditions, quality standards, safety, house rules and loyalty. At HazeltonClive, we expect all housekeepers and other household staff to maintain high standards of health and safety whilst in role.

  • Curriculum Vitae/Resume
  • Recent photo
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of address
  • Current driving licence (if applicable)
  • Pilot or skipper licence (if applicable)
  • For chefs: portfolio with at least six photos of their starters, main courses and desserts
  • Work permit for overseas citizens
  • Confidentiality/NDA or pledge of discretion signed by the candidate(s)
  • Signed agreement for background checks
  • Clear criminal records in both their country of employment and country of origin (see below for more about criminal record checks)
  • Qualification certificates for all education and training
  • References from up to five previous employers

Our extensive background checks include:

  • Credit reports and bankruptcy filings
  • Right to work status
  • Criminal record checks
  • Court searches for any: high court judgments, tribunal awards, administration orders, fine defaults and Child Support Agency liability orders
  • An Enhanced DBS check (a statutory requirement for any staff working with or around children which includes searches for any criminal convictions as well as the Children’s Barred List, Vulnerable Adults’ Barred List and List 99 under Section 142 of the 2002 Education Act)
  • An International DBS (involving searches for criminal records from the candidate country of citizenship if the candidate has recently arrived in the UK)
  • Criminal record checks for lesser felonies and incidents
  • DVLA history / UK driving records
  • Reference checks with previous employers via phone calls and letters
  • Face to face HazeltonClive interview with highly experienced senior consultants (video call during the pandemic)

All positions for caretaker couples or domestic couples will require documents and checks from both candidates.
The costs for all background checks are automatically covered under our success-fee only policy which means we won’t ask you to pay anything in advance. We will only charge you if the candidate you select for interview is successful and hired by you.