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Hire a Chauffeur or Personal Driver

This article is dedicated to those looking to hire a personal driver.

The ability to simply not mind about transportation is a major life improvement, whether you are a CEO, a hotel guest or members of a family. Having someone else pay attention to navigation, traffic and parking places reduces a lot of stress and mental bandwidth from you. Another critical aspect is avoiding public transport which mitigates any illness risks and simplifies everything if you or your guests carry luggage. Read here all the benefits of hiring a chauffeur.


All our London, Surrey, or UK private chauffeurs are picked after a stringent vetting process. We only consider personal drivers with a clean driving history and no criminal background. As many of our drivers come from military backgrounds, our network is full of exemplary citizens and drivers you can trust. By learning more about client needs and their preferences, we are able to provide a shortlist of UK personal drivers that will meet expectations to the letter. Choose HazeltonClive for a safe and personal chauffeur recruitment service.


Private Chauffeurs We Recommend:

  • Chauffeurs who work on full-time contracts
  • Limo drivers, personal drivers, security trained drivers, security chauffeurs, corporate chauffeurs
  • Private drivers are available to work in: London, Cambridgeshire, Hampshire, Berkshire Oxfordshire and countless more UK counties.
  • Drivers from the UK and international drivers
  • Read more about a day in the life of a personal chauffeur
  • The soft skills we look for in a personal driver

Why Should You Hire a Personal Driver?

  • If you’re a hotel, you would bring exceptional value to your guests’ experiences
  • Save time and remove the stress of finding parking
  • Door-to-door service provides more time to work
  • Protect your health by avoiding public transport
  • It’s more professional and less exhausting
  • You get the comfort of a world-class driver
  • Read more benefits of hiring a personal driver here

Easy Personal Driver Hiring Service in a Nutshell

After identifying the best chauffeurs who meet client needs, we:

  • Match candidates with your schedule, expectations and bespoke needs
  • Interview them in our office
  • Check their background, references previous payslips and of course their driving history and look for unpaid fines.
  • Devise a competitive shortlist
  • Sing an NDA to protect client confidentiality
  • Provide them with our 12-month guarantee of a free replacement if something isn’t right
  • We only ever offer drivers who have legal UK rights to work
  • Read more here about the considerations that you need to look for when hiring a chauffeur

Additional Peace of Mind…

All our drivers are the safest on the roads, but to give you even more peace of mind, we offer our candidates a special guarantee. If your personal driver is not what you hoped, we will offer to replace the driver and you won’t have to pay the service fee again. This guarantee lasts for the first 12 months of employment.


When you do decide on a chauffeur to hire, you only pay a service fee at this point, and never before. Moreover, once hired, there are zero more payments to make – unlike other London personal staffing agencies that request ongoing payments!


Permanent Placement Fees

You have three plans to choose from:

Premium Plan: 15.8% of the yearly gross salary / 12 months free replacement guarantee / No registration fee (Success fee, only) / Extended International DBS checks provided / The minimum fee that we charge is £1,690

Standard Plan: 13.8% of the yearly gross salary / 6 months free replacement guarantee / No registration fee (Success fee, only) / Extended International DBS checks provided / You grant us exclusivity / The minimum fee that we charge is £1,490

Basic Plan: 12.8% of the yearly gross salary / No free replacement guarantee / No registration fee (Success fee, only) / Standard UK DBS Checks / You grant us exclusivity / The minimum fee that we charge is £990

We do not charge VAT (you get to save 20% of the recruitment fee).


The Expected Chauffeur’s Salary

HazeltonClive allows employers to discuss the terms of their salary with candidates – unlike some other staffing service providers. This means you probably want to know how much a personal driver expects to earn.


Many personal drivers will earn £40,000 to £55,000 per annum, but more experienced drivers and ones with a security background will expect a gross annual salary of £60,000+. Although, the exact salary will depend on many things, which is why we will find the chauffeur that will fit your budget and lifestyle. Click here to see what to expect when hiring a personal driver.

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