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Hire an Exceptional Personal Chef

Our recruitment agency is on hand to help you hire a private chef for your London home or overseas residence. HazeltonClive is a renowned staffing agency only working with exclusive professional chefs who have successfully served luxury hotels, restaurants, VIP families, business people and CEOs.


Whether you wish to hire a permanent chef for your home, a part-time sous chef or a Michelin celebrity chef for your yacht or villa on the Med, HazeltonClive are your go-to staffing specialists that get the job done. We carry out safety checks and in-depth analysis of our exclusive database of chefs to match candidates with your family’s needs.


Not two households are ever exactly the same, and neither are their tastes in food and expectations from their meals. This is why we get to know your family before sourcing the best chef candidates for your family. Once we know about your expectations and dietary requirements, we can recommend the chefs that align with your needs.


It’s not just your needs that we need to align, but also the type of chef your family or organization needs. We have access to some of the best private chefs in the culinary world from decorated Michelin chefs, celebrity chefs and executive chefs to recent graduates and sous chefs. Whatever type of private chef you are looking to add to your household staff, HazeltonClive is the most reliable and detail-orientated household staffing agency around.


Types of Private Chefs We Could Help You Hire:

  • A chef on any type of long-term contract
  • Celebrity chefs, Michelin chefs, private chefs, personal chefs, family cooks, seasonal chefs, trainee/graduate chefs, dinner party chef, sous chefs, commis chefs, head chefs, executive chefs, household chef, corporate chef. We recruit all types of chefs.
  • Popular locations: London, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Kent, Surrey, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Cambridgeshire and Sussex.
  • UK, European and international chefs!

The Benefits of Hiring a Personal Chef

There will be a major increase in quality of life from simply hiring a Private Chef. Just by choosing to have your meal cooked by an experienced and educated chef will bring a significant change compared to what a housekeeper would do. Here are the improvement areas:

  • The ability to use organically sourced ingredients
  • The ability to use premium ingredients or the ones that you prefer
  • The option to avoid salt, sugars or fats
  • The ability to customize the recipes to respect your allergies or intolerances
  • The option to cook food specifically for children or for the elderly
  • The ability to review and control the hygiene and internal processes
  • The ability to follow a cuisine or reinvented cuisine based on your preferences and taste
  • The ability to imitate your favourite food from various places on this planet
  • Experience the life of superstars

A Stress-Free Process, Guaranteed!

Your personal chef candidates:

  • Are put through a face-to-face interview at one of our UK offices
  • Will compete with lots of other candidates who have also been interviewed
  • Must sign a non-disclosure agreement and will not know anything about the hiring party until they are interviewed by them
  • Is employed with a replacement guarantee within the initial 12 months, provided you opted for the Ultimate Plan
  • Will have a full background check, including driving licenses, unpaid fines, criminal records, DBS and international checks if required
  • Must supply previous payslips and employment references that are fully scrutinised
  • Will only be chosen based on your specific requests, schedule, lifestyle and working needs
  • Will be allowed to work and live in the UK for the duration of their contract

No Continual Fees to Hire a Chef!

If you hire a UK chef with us and then decide that the chef is not what you were looking for or they have not lived up to your expectations, we will replace them in the first month without charging you again. If the chef leaves their position before expected and during the first year, we will also replace them for you for free.


Lots of UK and London staffing agencies demand continual fees from their services. At HazeltonClive, that doesn’t exist. You only have to pay for the chef you hire once they are officially part of your household staff – and then you never pay a penny again!


Permanent Placement Fees

You have four plans to choose from:

Ultimate Plan: 19.8% of the yearly gross salary / 12 months free replacement guarantee / No registration fee (Success fee, only) / Extended International DBS checks provided / The minimum fee that we charge is £1,990

Premium Plan: 15.8% of the yearly gross salary / 6 months free replacement guarantee / No registration fee (Success fee, only) / Extended International DBS checks provided / The minimum fee that we charge is £1,690

Standard Plan: 13.8% of the yearly gross salary / 3 months free replacement guarantee / You grant us exclusivity / No registration fee (Success fee, only) / Extended International DBS checks provided / The minimum fee that we charge is £1,490

Basic Plan: 12.8% of the yearly gross salary / No free replacement guarantee / You grant us exclusivity / No registration fee (Success fee, only) / Standard UK DBS Checks / The minimum fee that we charge is £990


What Is a Private Chef’s Expected Salary?

We make sure that clients can negotiate remuneration packages with the chef directly. Most chefs would expect to earn starting with £35,000 each year, and more experienced chefs that may hold Michelin stars, you should be prepared to pay a gross annual wage of at least £65-70,000. Overall, their experience and awards should be taken into account when planning an offer.

Please note that we’re a permanent recruitment agency so we’re unable to offer chefs just for one-time events.

What to Consider Before Hiring a Personal Chef

  1. Live In / Live Out Options

Some of our clients want their chefs to live externally to the family home, hotel or restaurant, and some of those clients will offer to pay for the cook’s living costs. This is more often true if the client lives and works in multiple countries over the year and continually relocates. Even if the client pays for separate household costs, the chef’s position is still considered to be a live-out position. However, their salary may take into account the cost of paying for a separate home for the professional.


  1. Car

Many cooking duties will require the worker to use a car for shopping. Many of our clients give the chef access to one of their cars. If the chef is to use their own car, it is expected that their salary will reflect the additional costs incurred by using their own vehicle and fuel.


  1. Commute

Although we look for the best chefs close to your residence, it is advised to account for the cook’s commuting time and potential delays due to traffic or issues with public transport.


  1. Travel

It is not uncommon for our chefs to be asked to go on working trips or family holidays and continue working in a full-time or extended capacity. In these instances, the chef’s salary is expected to be adjusted to account for longer hours and other inconveniences. This may be the case if the chef is working in a holiday villa away from their own home.


  1. Accommodation

A chef living in the household will be granted a private room. The exact details of their living requirements will naturally differ between clients and dependant on their home. Private rooms are expected to include a double bed with furniture, TV and free WiFi. They may have an en suite or a private bathroom just for their use. In many instances, it is common for clients to dedicate a whole level of their home to the chef, such as an attic conversion.


In other circumstances, clients may provide an apartment to the chef within their home consisting of a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and living space. This may also be given to the cook in an outbuilding or annexe that works as a private apartment.

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