Norland Nanny

Fabulous Norland Nannies / Mannies

What is a Norland Nanny? Norlanders, or how the BA (Hons) graduates of the Norland College in Bath, Somerset are called, are highly trained (3 + 1 years of training) nannies.

They are easy to recognize due to their specific uniform and are employed by royal or other high profile families.

During the 3 years of study, they study philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, child health,  social sciences and education. They even learn how to escape the paparazzi and self defense techniques and other benefits, as well.

Comparison Between a Nanny & a Norland Nanny

How to choose between a nanny or a Norland nanny?

  • Do you need a nanny just for a few hours a day and not full time?
  • Do you need a temporary nanny?
  • A special needs nanny is required?
  • Do you also need help with the housekeeping or cooking tasks?
  • A governess would be a better fit?
  • Are you looking for a rota nanny?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then in most cases, a nanny might be a better fit than a Norland Nanny.


  • Can you afford to hire a full-time Norland Nanny in a permanent position?
  • Are you looking for trained professionals to educate your children?

Then a Norland Nanny might be a better fit for your family.

Yearly Salary For Norland Nannies

Norland Nannies are building their professional careers with a 3-year education BA program. The value they can deliver to the employing families is of a very high value and this also is reflected in their annual wage. A Norland Nanny with limited experience could earn around £35,000 gross per year and more experienced professionals could earn £65,000 gross per year. This amount could also be influenced whether it’s going to be a live-in or live-out position and whether international travel is also required.

The exact amount you offer should be based on specific circumstances and may change due to the market rate.

When working with a nanny agency like HazeltonClive, you will employ the nanny stress-free.

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